How to Create and App Folders On iOS | Works On iPhone, iPad, And iPod

New to the iOS world? We know it is hard figuring out how this operating system works. For those who are having a hard time organizing their applications on their home screen, move them to the first page, second page, third, or vice versa, we bring you a step by step how-to for these things.

Organizing Your Applications

Before we get into placing the apps into folders, you want to make sure your applications are organized in the best way.

  1. Touch and hold an application on your screen.
  2. Tap the edit home screen.
  3. Drag applications to another spot.
  4. Tap done to save for iPhone X and later devices.
  5. Press a home button for iPhone 8 and lower models.

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Placing Your Applications Into A Folder

After organizing your applications, the next thing you should do is place your applications into folders so you can save more space.

  1. Drag an application to another application.
  2. Tap the name field or the x mark so you can name that folder.
  3. Drag more applications into the folder so you can add more.

Note: You can add multiple folders in a single page.

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Moving An Application To A New Page

Moving an application to a new or a different page is easy like spreading butter on a piece of loaf bread.

  1. Drag an application to the right edge of your screen. (you will have to wait for a while for the new page to appear)
  2. Wait until a new dot shows for the page navigation.
  3. Move an application to a different page.


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To delete a page, you will have to move all your applications to a previous page. The page without apps will automatically get deleted.

When you have more than 1 page on your phone, a bright dot will appear over a dock. Dragging applications to your right will create a new page.

To navigate through the pages, you have to swipe left or right on your home screen.

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